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Where every cheer, every shout, every click makes a direct difference in your team's success. Welcome to the future of college sports engagement.

Every feature you need to win.

Are you a passionate fan who wants to contribute to the success of your favorite college sports teams? Traditional platforms lack a streamlined way for fans to engage and make a meaningful impact. Join us today and enhance your fan experience.

View exclusive sports content

Join the platform where your favorite collegiate athletes from your favorite teams share curated sports content just for you.

Real-time sports chat rooms

Jump into the action with Pulse! Create or join live sports chat rooms where fans can connect, share, and show support with other fans and even their favorite athletes.

Exclusive digital trading cards

Collect limited-edition digital cards of your favorite athletes and teams. Display them on your fan profile to show your support and earn bragging rights.

Support athletes in squads

Support your favorite athletes in squads. Squads are groups of athletes that you can support with a single donation.

Easy-to-manage billing

With our user-friendly platform, supporting your favorite athletes or collectives has never been easier. Get ready to make a meaningful impact with just a few clicks!

Help your school stay elite

Help your school rise the Duffle leaderboard by donating to student athletes and collectives to help your school look more desirable to athletes around the country.

Duffle makes the difference.

With glowing testimonials and a growing number of athletes, trust us to elevate your fan experience.

Be a game changer.

With Duffle, you're not just watching the game; you're part of it. From the stands to the field, your support resonates.

No upfront costs. No hidden fees.

Effortlessly and affordably back your teams.



Evolve from a mere spectator to a valued pillar in the college athletics community. Your passion transforms into palpable support, and in turn, you feel a richer, more gratifying connection to the game.

  • Exclusive sports content
  • Collect 3D sports cards
  • Support athletes and collectives in one place
  • Help your school climb the Duffle leaderboard
  • Build your fan profile
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We centralize the college sports experience and empower athletes to take charge of their NIL opportunities while connecting genuinely with fans.

  • Earn from Day 1
  • Post sports content at least once a month
  • Accept monthly sponsorships and donations from fans
  • No earnings limits
  • Take hold of your NIL
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Share your stories, rally support, and directly engage with a passionate community of fans and athletes. Showcase your vision, collaborate, and tap into direct support avenues that make a difference.

  • Accept monthly, yearly, and one-time donations seamlessly
  • Connect an existing Stripe account or easily create one with Duffle
  • Streamline your fundraising efforts
  • Expand your reach
  • Support more student-athletes
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Transition from a traditional institution to a dynamic, engaged, and modernized entity in the college sports space. Witness enhanced community involvement, greater support for athletes, and a more vibrant sports culture.

  • Engage with your fans by sharing exclusive sports content
  • Build your school's brand as being a leader in the NIL space
  • Help drive fan engagement by having a presence on Duffle
  • Support your student-athletes, compliantly
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Frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about how Duffle transforms the college sports experience?

    • How does Duffle help fans to support their school's NIL efforts?

      Duffle provides fans with the ability to contribute to their school's NIL efforts through recurring sponsorships, one-time donations, and 3D trading cards purchases in support of their favorite athletes or school collectives.

    • Can fans make recurring donations through Duffle?

      Yes! Recurring donations are called 'sponsorships' on Duffle. Fans can choose to sponsor individual athletes or school collectives, giving them the freedom to contribute as they see fit.

    • Can fans also make one-time donations through Duffle?

      Yes! Duffle enables fans to make one-time donations as well. Fans can choose to make individual contributions to support specific athletes or school collectives.

    • Are donations made to student athletes through Duffle tax-deductible?

      No, donations made directly to student athletes through Duffle are generally not tax-deductible.

    • Are donations made to school collectives through Duffle tax-deductible?

      It depends. Some school collectives associated with Duffle may have tax-exempt status, making donations to those specific collectives tax-deductible. However, it's essential to note that not all collectives may have this status.

    • Does Duffle provide receipts for donations made?

      Absolutely! Duffle provides invoice records and receipts for all contributions made.

    • Is Duffle available on both iOS and Android devices?

      Yes, but not in the traditional sense! Duffle is a web app, meaning it can be accessed and installed through a web browser on any device.

    • Why can't I find Duffle on the App Store?

      Native app stores, such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, charge a 30% fee on all transactions made through their platforms. By being a web app, Duffle is able to avoid these fees and ensure that more of the donations made go directly to the athletes and school collectives.

    • How much does Duffle cost?

      Duffle is FREE for everyone! We simply provide opportunities for fans to support, athletes to earn, collectives to fundraise, and schools to engage.